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If Nigeria should consider hosting the 2034 world cup…

Hosting a major tournament like the World Cup has a lot of benefits associated with it. For instance, a hosting nation’s infrastructure will surely see an upgrade.

The finances needed to host a tournament like a world cup can not be afforded by a lot of countries. In 2008, late president Umaru Musa Yar’dua, was told that the infrastructural upgrade in the hosting cities was going to cost $20m- he nearly backed out, but was quickly reminded by his officials of the implications should he do so, and this was just for the U-17.

South Africa’s 2010 world cup changed the landscape of development in that country. The rapid development the country had was attributed to the world cup. The health sector, the rail lines, the hospitality sector, and many others I can not remember to mention experienced serious upgrades.

The 2014 Brazil World Cup and 2016 Rio Olympics were the catalyst for the upgrade of the infrastructures in Brazil, though Brazil was not lagging in infrastructures surely, they had an upgrade.

Russia 2018 was a turning point in the lives of her citizens. For instance, a lot of young Russians have not seen a person of African origin before, but the World Cup changed that perception. Also, it is on record that the transportation sector in Russia was upgraded. As most new digital innovations were introduced into the country’s public sector.

The ongoing world cup in Qatar has lifted the image of that Arabic nation as an elite country. Soon, it will become a destination of some sort for major international events. Qatar has proven to the world that it is not by size, but by what you can do.

However below are 7 reasons why Nigeria should consider hosting the 2034 world cup

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