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Top MBA Scholarships for Women You Should Know In 2023

Women are being encouraged to push beyond the limit of their careers. In this blog post we are going to explain in detail MBA Scholarships for Women; the availability and the possibility of securing one. 

First of all, before we deal with the availability and possibility of these scholarships, let us look into the general requirements of these scholarships and the things you will need to prepare before applying for any of the scholarships that will be mentioned in this blog post.

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1. To apply for any of the scholarships, you must submit your Curium Vitae (CV) and transcripts so that the authorities will not find it difficult to determine if it is possible to have you onboard the scholarship.

2. Also, the various scholarship managers will like to know if you have hitherto, set a goal for yourself and reached it.


3. Your application success will be determined by various factors, both the above two will be crucial so be honest while assessing yourself.  

Available MBA Scholarships For Women

Women MBA scholarship from Oxford University 

Oxford University awards MBA scholarships to women. These scholarships are strictly on merit. This is to assist deserving women to advance their careers through education related to their various fields of study most especially for those who wish to become top business executives. 

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Fellowships For Women by Forté Foundation

Forté Foundation is awarding this scholarship through one of its affiliates known as Saïd Business School. This business school being part of the Forté Foundation is working assiduously to assist women to get the right education to push through their careers.

How To Qualify

It is only meant for women

Requirement For Consideration 

  • You must show leadership qualities- this will be done and presenting evidence of what you have done before that demanded leadership or man-management skills.
  • You must show that you are willing to abide by the school’s ethics, mission, and vision.
  • As we have earlier stated, your academic records will also determine your scholarship status.

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Where And How to Apply For This Scholarship

  1. You will have to submit your application for MBA scholarships for women through the MBA portal.
  2. Also, submit a well-thought-out written article of not more than 400 words explaining what you intend to achieve through this scholarship.

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