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Strong Ways To Secure A Full-Ride College Scholarship In 2023

As a student, you often feel bad at the thought of securing a student loan to see yourself through your education. In this blog post, we want to tell you to shelve that thought, because we are going to tell you about a scholarship you not have thought about- Full-Ride College Scholarship. With this scholarship, you will not have any need for a student loan till you are done with your education.  

In this blog post, we will reveal to you a list of full-ride college scholarship opportunities you should look into and how you should go about them. To start with, what do you know about full-ride? Read further to find out what you should know about this scholarship and lots more.  

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Meaning of this Scholarship 

Full-ride college scholarship is a fully funded scholarship. This scholarship takes care of everything about your education for the duration of your study and frees you of the energy-sapping thought of “where will the money for my next tuition fees come from?” To be honest with you, this scholarship will ease off the stress you may have to go through while schooling. 

We must let you know that there is a full-ride scholarship and there is a full-tuition scholarship. The former covers everything about your education including your accommodation and some other necessities. On other hand, a full-tuition scholarship takes care of your tuition fees alone. To understand the difference as you read or conduct your research.

Full-ride college scholarship is not part of your everyday scholarship opportunities. In most cases, it may take some time for you to see one, but that does not mean you should not be on the lookout for any opportunity of this type. Also, you do not need anything different to apply for it. We are going to look into the availability of this scholarship. So read on…

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Full-Ride College Scholarship Availability

In this section, we are going to list some of the full-ride scholarship opportunities we saw during our research. So all you have to do is to carefully read and analyze what suits you.  

University full-ride scholarships 

Trustee Scholarship 

This full-ride scholarship is in partnership with Boston University. This scholarship only caters to students who are at the undergraduate level, that is to say, students who are yet to earn their first tertiary institution degree. To apply for this scholarship on or before the first day of the last month of the year, you need to secure admission first into the university. 


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Jefferson Scholarship

This is an amazing full-ride scholarship hosted by the University of Virginia, just like the trustee Scholarship it is only reserved for students who are yet to earn their first degree. However, the road to securing this scholarship is not for the weak-hearted (this is not to discourage you but to challenge and motivate you). 

This scholarship is awarded after winners emerge after a series of competitions, but the winners are in for an amazing life during this scholarship. So win it.  

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Morehead-Cain Scholarships

This scholarship has its unique features; aside from being a fully funded scholarship, it has funds to invest in the research endeavors of students in its fold. Also, this scholarship accepts applications from international students. However, you must put yourself up for this scholarship. However, what is obtainable this year in this scholarship may not be so next year. So you have to be quick while applying.

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