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Solid Gates Cambridge Scholarship Facts For International Students In 2023

As a non-Briton, you may be intending to study in the UK but do not have the financial backing to do it. In this blog post, we are going to explain in detail how you can secure the Gates Cambridge Scholarship to further your education in the United Kingdom. 

This scholarship is a brainchild of the Bill Gates Foundation which was approved by the British Government in the year 2000, and Britain will be the host nation. 

This scholarship is a fully funded scholarship at the prestigious Cambridge University and has been made available to students from different countries of the world by the British Government. We must inform you that this scholarship caters only to the master’s and Ph.D. degrees, so if you fall into any of the two degrees please read on to get more information.

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The Role This Scholarship Plays In The Lives Of The Benefitting Students 

With the zeal to assist students all over the world to have access to quality education, the Bill Gates Foundation entered into an approved (by the UK Government) partnership with the University of Cambridge to bring intelligently, and academic hungry students to the UK to study any course of their choice, and also, to create a pathway for themselves towards their chosen career. 

Attached below are a few of the things the organizers of this scholarship look out for before the scholarship is awarded.

  • You have to show the desire to impact positively on the society 
  • Your Intelligence is a strong deciding factor for you
  • You have to show strong leadership qualities 

This University to me was a child of ego or rather a misunderstanding. The people of Oxford and Cambridge were always at each other’s necks and Oxford University was a place of discomfort for the students and teachers who hailed from Cambridge. This led the people of Cambridge to decide to set up their place of study and named it Cambridge University in the year 1209 (but now the University of Cambridge).  

Numerical Facts About Gates Cambridge Scholarship 

After securing the approval of the UK Government to partner with the university, the Gates Cambridge Scholarship has been able to reach milestones. Below are some of the achievements this scholarship has been able to gather:  

  • Nearly 2,000 students from all over the world have benefitted from this scholarship since its inception.
  • More than 100 Scholarships have been planned ahead of 2023. 
  • The beneficiaries of this scholarship are scattered all over the world.

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What You Can Study 


As we have earlier stated, this scholarship is strictly meant for students who have already gotten their or B. A, but want to secure a master’s or Ph.D. degree. However, this Gates Cambridge Scholarship has its limitations. The limitations are in the courses that are not covered in the scholarship, and below are some of the courses:  

MD Doctor of Medicine degree

Master of Business 

MBBChir Clinical Studies

Master of Finance

Place of Study

Whenever you can secure admission followed by the scholarship, you will have to travel to the United Kingdom to study at Cambridge University using the scholarship. 

What You Stand To Gain From This Scholarship 

Any student that is lucky enough to secure this scholarship will enjoy whatever comes out of it. As we have already stated, this scholarship is fully funded, below are a few of the many things you will enjoy: 

  • The Gates Cambridge Scholarship takes care of your tuition fees 
  • This scholarship has plans in place for your health
  • The scholarship administrators will pay for flight tickets (both your coming and return).
  • Finally, this scholarship will make an upkeep payment of nearly £20,000 to you annually (once every month).

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Qualifications For This Scholarship

  • You must not study any of the courses earlier stated
  • You must be a or B.A holder
  • You must be a valid citizen of any country in the world
  • Your English Language must be good both orally and in written form.

Where You Can Apply For This Scholarship

Visit Gates Cambridge Scholarship for more information on how to apply for the scholarship.

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