Rigmarole Love

What a world

A world filled with

Anxiety, war, happiness and

Curiosity in mind

A world which has two phases

We live and we die

We love and we hate

Where there are ups and downs

And still some have nothing to

Show for it, while some have

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I need to inform you that this poem was about my high school lover, she was such an astonishing beauty, from the first day I saw her I felled in love with her. Though our relationship was not perfect, we had serious ups and downs, even colleagues who knew we were dating were still making efforts to win her over.

I must say I was not a jealous lover, till today I still find it strange and difficult to explain even to myself that I could love someone yet I never cared if other male forks were wooing her. The truth is, one succeeded in getting her over to himself, and that was when I saw the phases of this world- nothing stays permanent forever.

The love I had for her then quickly turned to hated, I also could not explain it, but yes, I hated her.

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My rigmarole lover

Look at her

Monitoring at me

After an earthquake

Which kept us apart

Since then she’s been

Constituting a nuisance

To me


What a human she is

Or will I say a parasite

I have my life to lead

She has hers


Though we parted ways in such a way that I was not comfortable with, I still loved her, but I already made up my mind to let her go. However, I noticed that she still cared for me, behind my back she made sure I never had another girlfriend (I do not know why), she held negotiations on my behalf without my knowledge. I just saw things happening for the right reasons.

Initially, I thought it was the hand of the creator or mere coincidence, but later a close mutual friend of ours sat me down and told me what has been happening behind me. For the first in my teen life I did not know how to feel. She was all over me. Till today, I still feel she does.

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I thought the Creator

Made her for me

But they say

Beauty gets the attention

Personality gets the heart

Why do I ask

Why is she troubling me

Never to let me be

Our relationship was that of

Stephan and Elena

Which fell into a dungeon

And long long forgotten

My love for her was a mistake

I regret.


At a time we tried to reconnect, but boy o boy, there were a lot of distractions that came our way, I guess we were too young to handle such pressure. Though I still love this girl but my love for her will have serious conditions going forward.

This is because after many years of no communication, we are beginning to reconnect again, this is why I have to be extremely careful of her and whatever that may come out of any “relationship” with her. Please do not blame me, high school love is very different from real life love.

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