Open marriage: 4 Reasons why you should not think of it

Open marriage is best described as a means by which married people have chosen to cheat on each other without feeling bad about their actions. This situation occurs when the adults who are married to each other decide not to end their marriage but to seek other means of fulfillment which they may not be getting from the spouse.

There are no known positives to this type of marriage as the result is very embarrassing… Stay away from it if you want real happiness. However, there are 4 reasons why you should not think of open marriage; it is not biblical, it is scandalous, it is an easy route to diseases, and it scatters your family.

Open marriage is not Biblical

As Christians, we are constantly reminded that marriage is between a man and his wife. This means that it is one man one wife. Also, a man must love his wife just as Jesus Christ loves the church, and the woman must respect and submit to her husband because he is the head and her master.

Marriage is an institution that God Himself established for humans and He is interested to see it work accordingly. So any alteration to this is clearly against his will and definitely, and there will be consequences. I am not big on Bible verses, but I know for sure that Bible said that “man shall leave his father and mother and cling to his wife and they shall become one.”

Also, somewhere in the Bible says “that what God has put together let no man put asunder.” This is not a plea, it is an order, and then why do people in the same marriage want to tear it apart by themselves? Why do they want to put asunder by themselves what God has put together?

Do not share your marriage with anybody aside from your spouse, it is very risky.

Open marriage is scandalous  

break up

Look at the people you know or have heard who are into open marriage what comes to your mind… This type of marriage is a very treble one, there is nothing like peace of mind; it is either the man or woman being talked about in a negative term. Nobody survives (easily) negative comments.

The truth is that the scandal associated with open marriage is far-reaching. It destroys your hard-earned reputation (if there is any because a reputable person does not engage in it). Your business(es) will take a hit.

The scandal will surely hit you psychologically and it finishes you physically, so avoid it by all means.


Diseases are not strangers to this type of marriage. In this time and age, not everybody you see is healthy- people are battling one illness or the other. There is no way you can engage in this stupidity without having intimate body contact. People you engage with may not lead a careful lifestyle like you. Some people are only up for the highest bidder and what before you leap

A lot of men have infected their wives with diseases they got outside, same with the women. I know a man who was infected by his wife with HIV and I also know at least 3 women who infected their husbands with HIV or other transmittable diseases.

Open marriage kills men faster than women. This is because, at a point in time, the men will have to think about who their wives are being intimate with, this thought is a killer anytime any day. Also, men have a weaker immune system when compared to women in terms of diseases. A wealthy man will go very broke trying to maintain this lifestyle than women.

A torn family

A torn family should be on the list of things you would want to experience in life. Open marriage is the final nail in the coffin of a troubled marriage.

When two adults go astray the children will suffer deeply and the funniest thing is that when the children discover what is happening they will grow to resent their parents.

When a family is torn apart, there will be no progress and there will be no success story. A man who agrees to such an arrangement with his wife, forces or allows such will surely not live long or may live a life filled with regrets.

However, we must understand that open marriage is a decision of the couple. A lot of factors may have been put into consideration by the couple before settling for it. It may be that they instead want to be seen as a couple by the children but have fallen out of love with each other.

It may be that they both may have a lot to lose by divorcing so it becomes better they find other sources of happiness, but stick together to manage what they have.

In whatever you do, please avoid an open marriage.

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