My Nation

Whatever we have is ours

Fighting for it is only ours

Living in fear and terror of the

Unknown is gone

That was a day

Of unforgettable happiness

When we all rejoicied


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Whenever you feel like you have become independent there is this joy that engulfs you, it overwhelms you beyond your expectations, and gives you the confidence to do great for yourself. Independence trashes fear.

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Being free from external influence

People whom we do not know controlling

Our affairs our lives and activities

Our great nation was tormented by

People who claimed to civilize us

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We went through hell

Seeing our brothers and sisters

Enslaved to an unknown destination


Our pride turned to shame

Our fortune turned to misfortune

They exploited our land took our

Resources to develop their yard

And left ours shattered and battered


In your days of dependence you may not have had the best of experience from people you depended on. In some cases, you may be tempted to look back at the sufferings you experienced then, but you should learn to move on. This is because, there will be more challenges that will come your way. All you have to do is to focus on the future to make yourself better so as to avoid falling back to a dependence mode.

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We are happy to be free

To beautify our compound to bring Back hope for a brighter future

Having fought for her and given her


Being happy for a compound where

We shall live as one

Being united we stand as one

We shall rule Ourselves

Share our sorrows and

Celebrate our progress together


Having become independent, it is now time to focus and build yourself to become strong, reckoned with and better for now and future. Remember, independence comes with responsibility, self-control and respect, but largely no freedom to do all that you wish.

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