Man’s Life

In a man’s life things

Always fall apart

A time to laugh and

A time to cry

Upon a man’s heart lays stress

Always thinking of the future

Anxious of what tomorrow may bring


The challenges of life may change a man’s view of life, uncertain about the future but sure of his efforts to get things done. One thing he can not stop doing is his determination to persevere in the midst of dare devil difficulties.

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Listening to his mind

Learning from experiences of past years

Always thinking of what to venture into

Always busy enduring trials and

Temptation that comes his way

Looking for solutions to his problems

Searching for where he can’t find


He is consistently work with his instincts, willing to take on any venture that will change his economic situation. One thing about the man is that in all his travails he is constantly improving himself- and this comes from years of trials and errors. The truth is that in most cases he believes he will surmount a challenge within a specific period and unfortunately he doesn’t.

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Always tormented by the forces of life


Hoping to reap the fruits of his labour

Nothing makes him happy except

Seeing his children grow

Having diverse thoughts towards his life

Thinking of a more comfortable life

When he lives in ruins


Problems will keep coming up, from avoidable debt to the unavoidable ones, making diverse efforts some time very strategic and yet no results. However, he is always proud of his family, even when he does not have it all, but he strives day and night to cater for his family and give them the best he can afford.

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Everyday having fasting for food

Paper for money

Hatred for love

Biting his fingers for revenge

Always thinking of how poverty

Enriched him

Thinking of how rich he is to

Enslave himself to others command

What a life of suffering


In most cases, he goes hungry just to get the job done. If he is from the low life of the society after a job done his pay may be delayed by some unkind employer for no just course. In all he still has his eyes fixed on a great future, no giving up, he strongly believes that after rain comes shine.

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