Incarnators of Poverty

Incarnators of Poverty

Are those who initiates us to poverty

And inkindle in us the fire of wretchedness

Taking our resources to a country where

There is enough milk and honey

And leave ours in drought

Where famine feed us with hunger

Hardship rules us like a king

Fasting for the day’s meal

Unruly us at a stadium of fear

Treating us like nobody

Our homes filled with empty stomach

Incarnators of poverty

Are those who stay in glass house and

Throw stones into the market


Not mindful of whom it might touch

Struggling only to enrich themselves and

Leave us to struggle for survival

Incarnators of poverty

Are those fools who think they are wise

By cheating on us

Taking our wealth to other countries

To enrich them

And leave ours impoverished

Citizens of other countries enjoy our

Wealth while we suffer to

Acquire the wealth for them

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