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Important Facts About Jackie Robinson Scholarship 2023 You Should Know

A lot of students out there are in serious financial straits, some cannot think straight, because they do not know where the next tuition fees will come from. Others will work themselves out to the detriment of their studies- meaning that they may have academic issues all in the bid to raise money to take care of their school fees. 

Jackie Robinson Foundation through its scholarship known as Jackie Robinson Scholarship is more than ready to assist students to meet up with their financial huddles while studying. However, you need to be sure that the scholarship’s objectives suit you, and that you can meet up with their requirements.

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The Scholarship Details 

The main focus of this scholarship is to assist students who are not racially privileged to pull through their academics at least in a four-year course. The Jackie Robinson Scholarship was set up in 1973 by Rachel Robinson as a tribute to the legendary Jackie Robinson. 

This scholarship was put in place to assist students to learn not just in the academic cycles, but learn the vocational skills that will help them (students) navigate the challenges of life. Also, through this scholarship, a lot of students will get the needed exposure to build life-long relationships both in business and in other aspects of life.   


Also, the Jackie Robinson scholarship has its eyes on American students who just finished high school and are optimistic about making it into tertiary institutions of learning their education. 

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According to the managers of this scholarship, it is strictly a merit-based scholarship. Though, in some cases, they also factor economically disadvantaged students into the scholarship considerations.  

Jackie Robinson Scholarship Benefits 

As we have earlier stated, this scholarship tends to the racially less privileged students. Each benefiting student will be budgeted for, and the scholarship budget for each student will be worth $30,000 during your four years stay at any tertiary institution you choose.

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How To Qualify For This Scholarship

  • You have to be an American first- you must be a legal resident, American by naturalization, or American by birth. 
  • You must be a fresh-year student of a government-recognized university.
  • Your family’s annual income will determine if indeed you are to be classified under the need-based category. 
  • Your combined SAT score and that of ACT should not be less than 1000 and 21 respectively.  

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