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Important Facts About Excelsior Scholarship In 2023 

Excelsior Scholarship is a cumulation of scholarships meant to assist New York-based students who intend to study in the state either through the State University of New York (SUNY), or the City University of New York (CUNY) platform to get the best education has to offer regarding their career choice. 

This scholarship is meant to provide cover for the tuition fees at least for a year at the cost of $5,500 or a maximum of two (2) years for an undergraduate full-time study of a 4 or 5-year study.

There are terms and conditions you must meet before you will be able to secure this scholarship. However, this is not a fully-funded scholarship, like we have earlier stated, it only covers your tuition fees either for a year or two- depending on your course.

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Nevertheless, it will be in your interest to study and understand the Excelsior scholarship and get to know if it will suit you or not. Do not go charging into it so as not to get yourself into trouble.   


1. You must be either a citizen or resident of the State of New York or the city of New York for at least a year without leaving before you can apply for the scholarship.

2. Your family’s annual income should not be more a $125,000 if you are interested in securing the SUNY or CUNY scholarship.

3. You must have graduated from a high school anywhere in the United States to be eligible.

4. Securing this scholarship may be easy, but keeping it may not. So to keep the scholarship, your academic performance should not be lower than 30 credits yearly. 

5. You Should not have any loan hanging on your head either from the Federal Government or anywhere 


6. This scholarship cannot be transferred to another state in the US or another city outside New York City.

7. This scholarship cannot be transferred to another person other than the original awardee, nor will it be deferred. 

8. If you successfully secure this scholarship, you are meant to stay in the city or state for the duration of the scholarship. Leaving before the scholarship elapses will lead the scholarship managers to convert it to a non-interest loan.

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Scholarship Host: 

The scholarship will be hosted either in the state of New York.

Area of Study:

All courses you can think of are available or allowed in the scholarship.

Who is Qualified:

Anybody is qualified to explore this scholarship. You must be an American, but you must be a resident of New York to be eligible.

Benefits of the Excelsior Scholarship

1. Depending on your course or degree, this scholarship may last up to 4 years to cover your entire degree study year.

2. This scholarship also takes care of your tuition fees with the sum of $5,500 yearly, and in addition, it takes care of some of your academic needs such as eBooks and other academic necessities you may need.

3. Students either in any of SUNY or CUNY programs are of great importance to the Excelsior Scholarship authorities.  

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Scholarship Application 

Applying for this scholarship is not rocket science. If you know that you are up to date with the requirements and it suits your aspirations, then you can go ahead and apply or visit the Excelsior Scholarship for more information. Also, the application for the 2023 scholarship has already begun.  

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