His Majesty

His majesty

His boundless love

He gave to the world

His greatest treasure

He gave to us

His greatest asset

He gave to us

He most valued property

He gave to us

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His majesty

He who has all the

Powers on earth and beyond

He, who the earth knees before

His mighty presence

He who all the kings of

The earth pay homage to

His majesty

The ever providing Father

He who provides all our needs

He who gives everything for

Us to enjoy for good

He who knows our mission

Even before we are conceived

He who we all

Depend on for survival

He who all the race of the

World worship

He is the all answering Father

He is always there to

Help us in times of trouble

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His majesty

We may go astray, but

He is always ready to accept us

Just like the father of the prodigal son

Worship Him with all your heart


Do not relent from worshipping Him

He is always there to

Give us the best

Give thanks to Him with a

Joyful and grateful heart

In good and bad situations

Do not only remember Him

In times of drought and famine

Also remember Him in times of plenty

Because all we have

Comes from Him and Him alone

Always remain faithful to Him

Just like Job did

Even in difficulty

Just believe in Him

Remember all that you have

Are all his

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His majesty

He is the Most High

He is the Alpha and Omega

He is the Ancient of days

He is the Mighty Man in


The ever conquering


He is bigger than your


He is the unchangeable changer

The ever present Father

All generations worship Him

There is none like Him

Worship Him

Adore Him

Praise Him

For He is


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