Friendship in marriage: 3 Strong Ways To Keep Your Marriage alive

Friendship in marriage keeps it more than love does. Have you been in a relationship whereby the love dies and the relationship (maybe this time not romantic) still stands? Any marriage without love (according to some people) is on a collision course. However, in this blog post, we tend to differ a bit, as most marriages do not have love in them anymore.

A lot of marriages these days do not have love in them, instead, they have some things holding them from tearing apart, and they may include; children, business interests, and nowhere to go.

Friendship in marriage transcends just being in love, it needs a higher connection level than what love brings to the table, though love is the foundation as nothing can ever be built without love. A relationship or marriage built on love alone stands the risk of being dissolved if the people involved are not friends with each other.

Friendship in marriage involving Children

When children start popping out in marriages there is the tendency that the love the couple used to share will be redirected to the children; bills, responsibilities, serious accountability, and stress that comes with raising children kicks in. There will be tense moments between man and wife over things that hitherto should not be a problem.

During these times (which is a lifetime) emotional reasoning is thrown out for more logical reasoning, and things are seen just the way they are. When children are involved, the man and wife tend to work more as a team than as lovers. Their interest becomes fused on the welfare of their children.

This type of responsibility can increase or decrease the level of friendship in marriage. This is because some people cannot deal with responsibilities while some do. In all, friends who are married last longer than married lovers.

Business Interest 

It is always said that friends who end up as business partners will always be friends not minding how the business ends than strangers who end up as business partners.

Most couples became close friends because of their business interests, likewise, most couples have gone their separate ways because of the business interest they once had. A marriage with the same business interest pushes through different challenges that may come its way both in marital and business lives.

Also, friendship in marriage blossoms when the man and wife are making money together, truth is no force on earth can stop a man and wife who are working together as a team.

You develop friendship in marriage when you have nowhere to go

When two people get married they forget their previous homes, they have no other option but to build their own homes. When a couple is in this situation they will be forced to become each others’ friends to build a lovely home together.

When a man and his wife know that they have nowhere to go, they become friends to make each happy and keep each other company. Also, having nowhere to go is a clear indication that bridges have been burnt by both parties and there is no going back.

In situations like this, friendships are cultivated, bonds are strengthened, and an alliance is formed. Friendship in marriage is the easiest thing to build- all you need to start with is trust.

Marriage becomes difficult when the two people in it fail to become each other’s friends, and when outsiders know more about you than your spouse you are heading for doomsday. Friendship in marriage takes a lot of patience, fights, love, kindness, perseverance, understanding, failures, and successes to develop- so take it easy with your marriage and give it some time.

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