Life’s true test is in


Sometimes in life

You just ignore to live happily

Endure to live long

In life not everybody will

Understand your motives and actions

Some will not see anything good in what you do

Just carry on

Never engage in a mission vendetta

Most times in life

Keeping quiet is most


Never give in to their


There are twelve months in a year

Tenant has eleven but

Landlord has one

Just be calm, they will grow up

They will be in top position

They will call the shots

They will have to make tough



They will chide you

Though, you may be remorseful for your past deeds

But their anger shows no sign of


Just move on

Time will tell

Just endure whatever

They throw at you

Always maintain your calm

For the sake of maturity

Maturity is not in growing tall

But it is in growing up

Never look at their mistakes

For you will become part of them

Just move on

Because to be the best

You must ignore and endure

Ignore to live happily

Endure to live long

Happy Endurance Day

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