Elders of Sycophancy

Elders of sycophancy are those

Who know what is right

But act otherwise

And they have refused to accept it

All they know is that

Their pocket must be filled

To the brim by the words of

Their mouth

All they want to do is to

Praise those in authority of doing right

While in the actual sense of it

They are doing nothing

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The problem people from my country have could be linked to representatives they sent to represent them in government. These representatives do not care about the people and their welfare, they are more concerned about their pockets, they steal money, build castles for their generations yet unborn, stash money in foreign bank accounts and call our bluff with the knowledge that without our votes they will still retain power.

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They are

The ones painting

The society white while it is black

Because they are the spokespeople

Of the populace

They use the medium to


Sing praises to those in authority

At the expense of the peoples’ problem

The people are then

Neglected in terms of policies

Formed for the effective control

Of the society from the center


This set of representatives are so terrible that whenever they are sent speak on behalf of the people to the government, they only focus on themselves, they do not return the goodies meant for the people, they sit to share and are willing to maim anybody who intends to put an end to the “gluttonic greed.”

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Elders of sycophancy tell the authorities

That they have everything

They need

While in the actual sense of it

The people are the have nones

The people cry out to the authorities

Of neglecting them

The people not knowing that the

Problem of neglect starts from

Their elders

Who are sycophantic in nature

Just for their own pockets


This particular set of representatives are wicked, they know they people are not having it funny. Unfortunately, these people only go to those in government to sing praises to the man at the helm of affairs (to massage) his ego, deceive him and make him think that he is doing the right thing, while in the real sense of it, the man is a total failure.

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