Life is want

Need is life itself

I don’t know if it is

A mistake

We chose what we felt

Was right

Like they say

The devil you know

Is better than

The angel you

Don’t know

How about that


This poem came on the heels of the economic turbulence that affected Nigerians during the administration of the APC. Things were so tough that a lot of homes could not eat three times a day, prices of commodities in the market sky rocketed. The people elected whom they felt was the right person for the job…

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Though some love it

But many hate it

Honestly, I don’t

Know if I should

Keep believing

Or just give up

Like many


In this stanza the writer does not know if he can keep believing that the government under APC will actually lead the country to political el dorado. I think Nigerians should just focus on being better and forget the APC an their antics.

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Though it is early

To make conclusion

But what we are

Seeing and feeling is


Some killing

Some pulling down

Some destabilizing

Some have stolen

Some are still stealing

But all are crying


This stanza focuses on the insecurity that engulfed the whole country, people could not go to the farm, there were a lot of kidnappings that took place- a lot of homes were destroyed because of government’s “I don’t care attitude.”

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Though all did not start

With this era

But most heightened

In this era

But the old they say

Stays at home to

Be taken care of

By the young

GOD bless Nigeria


Yes, the problems did not start with APC, trust me the madness grew out of bounds under APC. Anyway, the old people ought to stay at home and play with the grand children for their own children with energy and brains to pilot the nation’s affairs.

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