Dating older women powerful tips for 2023

Being in love is a good thing either to older women or younger women as a man. However, as the days go by you being to realize that you need someone who will complement you in all angles of life and this is where the thought of who to date, what age bracket to focus on, and what standard to set comes to mind.

People fall in love for different reasons- mostly personal, but what stays at the front of our decision-making is the type of personality we fall in love with. In this blog post, we will x-ray the reasons why younger men are comfortable dating older women.

Also, just like everything in this world, there are two sides to this venture, positive and negative, we will carefully analyze them in this blog post so take your time to read and understand.

The positive side to dating older women


Older women already know what they want, they do not have time to whine and cry over things. Before they go for anything, they sit down to plan for it- they do not do things suddenly as seen in the life of younger ladies. They have had enough life experiences that may have sharpened them so that to some extent they can predict the end of what it is they venture into.

They are not dramatic

These women know that men across ages have no time for drama as they have perfected the act of putting their emotions under control and seeing things the way they are.

These women have come to realize that being dramatic over things they should talk about with their spouses could lead to a result no one would like and so, diplomacy in solving problems becomes the best thing to do.

The truth is that life is very dramatic as you cannot predict what would happen in the next minute, so why make the life of your partner uneasy when they come back home?

Older women are knowledgeable

Since she is older than you chances of her having more life experiences are high, these experiences are gotten in different areas of life. Also, you can have good and wonderful discussions with an older lady as they know that the key to keeping a relationship is through heartfelt discussions.

 Also being knowledgeable translates to financial stability for these women, as they put their knowledge into good use in their money-making ability.

The negative sides of dating older women

Older women are humans after all and so will have their faults. It is not easy to be in a relationship with women older than you, as they may have this psychological edge over you if you are not firm enough as a man. The truth is that once in a while the thought that she is older than you will play in her head and she may act it out.

Biological clock

Nature is fair to women but time is not. Women have things that they cannot easily do as they advance in age, and one of these things is childbearing. This is the reality that comes with dating older women or getting married to one.

Unfair logical thinking (emotional thinkers)

Women are very ruthless in their thought process, as they age they look at things logically and then demand higher accountability from the men in their lives. Most times they overthink things from the angle of what never happened and act on it.

This does cause problems between them and their spouses as they imagine things that their spouses may do with women younger than they are. So as a man, you need to be firm to put to an end these thoughts.

Dirty past

Women do have a dirty past than most men do. This is not to say or assume that every woman out there has a dirty past, all we are trying to say is that as long as she is older than you, there are things about her past you may not be comfortable with if you get to know them.

However, in conclusion, have in mind that dating older women is a hurried situation as you guys may be in a hurry to beat the biological clock, get married (when you are not yet ready as a man), and to avoid the men in her past. Whichever way it goes just make sure that you know what you want.

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