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7 Ways to rebuild the Nigerian Football League Fast

Years ago, the Nigerian football league was the talk of the town. It was such an avenue for talents to blossom, players from the league at a time made up the squad of the national team. Unfortunately, now, only a few people can mention the names of the 20 clubs in the league. Did I forget to mention that the league was supposed to start on the 18th of December 2022? Do with this information whatever you think.

The problem the Nigerian football league is facing is a general thing in the country. The league is suffering from terrible economic decisions of the country, a lack of will disease, and a corrupt virus. When the economy of a country is good, citizens can afford to engage in leisure, luxury, and fun that may cost money just to bring happiness. Hungry people can not afford leisure, luxury, and fun.

Agreed, football and sports in general do not have a lot of direct beneficiaries. However, one thing you can not take away from it is that it can generate forex, and income in the form of tax for the government. Now one will ask “why is the Nigerian government not taking sports (most especially football) seriously?” Government should stop seeing sports as a hobby… It is a business.

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Below are ways to rebuild the league to make it stand out as one of the best in the world.

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