4 young couple goals you should focus on

A lot of young single people out there have the wrong notion about couple goals. To these young people, it is all about posting pictures on the internet- social media to be precise. It goes beyond that, it is more of what the couple has in mind to offer each other. The truth is no couple has it all figured out before getting married, you get to know your partner more in marriage than outside of it. However, how you adjust to the new knowledge determines how far your marriage will stand.

Before getting married it is advised that you guys sit down and have that hard-frank discussion on what you expect from each other, and what your plans for the future are. Also before getting married learn to understand how your partner-to-be reacts to challenges that come their way. Make sure you know whom they listen to this is very important because, if your partner (to be) does not have one he or she respects enough to listen to, that’s a red flag.

 In this blog post, we are going to discuss 4 things that should make it to your couple goals list before you get married. Have in mind that these 4 things are not definitive; rather, they are subject to individual preferences and circumstances surrounding the couple.

Raising productive children is part of couple goals

The most important part of couple goals is to raise good, wonderful, productive kids.

As you start having kids do you become intentional with what you teach them?

Do you equip them with the relevant knowledge necessary for the 21st century?

Do you teach to be as gentle as a dove and smart as a serpent?

Do you teach them the way of the LORD so that when they grow, they will never depart from it?

Do you teach them how and when to be diplomatic?

What type of school do they get their academic education from?

Are you teaching them the right home education?

What you teach them at home is as important as what they are been taught in school.

In this day and age of social media, it has become extremely difficult to raise the type of children that will have to stand out in society. Everyone just wants to blend in.

Remember, how you raise your children today determines the quality of your life in your older years.

Being financially stable and free

Being in debt is not part of couple goals. It is not enough to say “we are going to be financially free,” you have to put in the work.

As a newly wedded couple, the last thing you guys will want to is to have debt hovering over your heads. As a man do not fall into the temptation of seeking a loan to get married, this will surely break your home if you are unable to pay back(remember women have timed patience).

A lot of newly married couples start their lives afresh, so, it won’t be a bad thing to start in a little way. Start any legitimate business that can help you pay your bills and save some. Before the children start coming you guys ought to have saved a lot of money. This is because, when you guys are alone you tend not to eat much or consume a lot of bills. Sometimes you eat the same meal for two days with refrigeration.  

I have seen couples who have planned not to start having kids until they are up to a certain financial stability. The amazing thing about some of these couples is that they start working assiduously on their target, and within two years or less, you see them becoming financially free and ready to start having kids. However, this is not for everyone as a lot of factors are considered before this decision is taken.   

Being committed 

love you

Being committed to your marriage is a whole lot of work. Not everybody can put in the work to fight off temptations, lack of money, not getting enough intimacy, third-party interference and the struggle to be contented.

Temptations are real in marriages. There comes a time you will see somebody better than your spouse in all ramifications, and if you are not careful enough you will join the league of “I saw the love of my life after I have gotten married.” As a young couple one of your couple goals should be to be and remain committed to your partner.

 A lack of money can automatically end a marriage. The truth is that most newly married couples are struggling financially. However, if you have a goal in mind you will care less about your present economic rapture and just put in the work.

Lack of intimate sessions has led couples astray. Some couples are medically okay but are struggling to have kids. It is just a psychological problem, and if they are not careful their marriage will hit the wall. If you are in this boat kindly visit a therapist.

Third-party interference has destroyed a lot of homes. Learn to keep the events of your home secrete. It is nobody’s business how you are surviving to build your home.

The struggle to be contented with whatever you have is a big problem. Most people get married just for whatever they can get out of it. If you got in because of what you are seeing on the table, you will never be contented when you see something bigger than what you are presently seeing.

Being committed in your marriage to your partner is a deliberate everyday effort and like every good thing on earth will surely pay off.

Being spiritually stable and fit is among the best couple goals

Couples both old and young have spiritual problems. A family that prays together and stays together means that the storm will surely come, but your prayer life will surely lift you out of your troubles.

The problems coming out of different corners of the world are coming because a lot of families are not together (not just physically) anymore. Families are just focused on making money, and living the good life. Nobody talks about the spiritual life of the family; children grow and behave the way they like. Fathers, it is your responsibility to upgrade the spiritual life of your family- so get to work.

Couple goals are not in any way definitive, it is up to the people involved to focus on what they feel is best for them. 

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