4 ways to break up with your partner without problems

When a relationship begins to lack spice break up is imminent. However, what people do not know is that every relationship is bound to come to an end except for the people involved who put in the work to make it work.

However, in this blog post we are going to look into the possibilities of ending your relationship peacefully and maybe… maybe… still be friends. Also, we will detail the facts of how you can do it with your soon-to-be ex-boyfriend or girlfriend and there will be no fuse about it. All you have to do is to be very diplomatic about it.

The fact that you are in a happy relationship today does not mean it will stay that way for long; challenges will come, some in the guise of cheating, lack of finances, indecision regarding your future, a change in perspective, meddlesomeness from outsiders and many others not mentioned. How you handle these challenges may elongate or break up your relationship.

There are 4 ways you can end your relationship and no one will feel hurt about it. However, we do not guarantee that these ways will work perfectly for you as people react differently to situations. Also, these ways came from asking people questions from the streets about how they peacefully ended their relationships, so will have been able to summarize their responses in writing.

The relocation strategy

Out of sight is out of mind. A lot of relationships ended with this method. When two loves are no longer in the same location the love begins to down. The truth is that this strategy is a peaceful means to break up with your partner.

It is important to know that this strategy is similar to a long-distance relationship but not the same thing. In a long-distance relationship, it has been established that you both have something going on or you guys started something without seeing each physically regularly. The longer you guys stay apart from each other the better your chances of not going forward with such a relationship.

Meanwhile, in a relocation strategy, you are leaving a certain location for another for various reasons. These reasons could be a result of a job transfer, being tired of the town you reside in, you have been looking for a way to end such a relationship but to no avail, so relocating becomes the easiest way out.

The silent method

This is the most popular method a lot of people use to end their relationships. This method is often referred to as “ghosting.”

Strategies being employed using this method include; not calling, not picking up calls, taking time (between hours and days) to reply to a message, blocking you on social media, and avoiding you physically.

This method is very confusing as the partner on the receiving end may not know what is going on. It takes a special kind of wisdom for one to understand what is going on and restrict him or herself from further embarrassment.

When you begin to notice this sudden development just quietly pull out from the such relationship and move on as quickly as possible.

The success of the female partner can break up a relationship  

The truth is that men are not intimidated by the success of their lovers. It is just that when some ladies become successful they begin to realize that their present boyfriend does not fit into their status and therefore the need to do away with him becomes imminent.

As a man whenever your girlfriend becomes successful more than you, do not envy her, instead give her some space to sort herself out, if she still wants you fine, but if not, quietly move on and everyone will be better for it.

This is because attaining a new level of success takes time for one to be able to bring him or herself under control.


This is the hardest way to break up a relationship. This is because you do not know how your soon-to-be ex-partner will react during or at the end of the discussions. If you want to take this route make sure that you guys are at a neutral place where your safety is assured.

During discussions like this, you have to be very diplomatic and make them see reasons with you guys need to break up. In all fairness, situations like this do not happen overnight, there have been plans or events leading to these, it is just that one person did not or refused to see it.

In all, before you enter into a romantic relationship prepare yourself for the end in case your expectations are not met.  

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