4 ways sexless marriage affects young couples- strong ways to fix it

A sexless marriage is a product of different variables, to some, it could be the economic situation all over the world, health challenges, or problems in the marriage such as lack of finances, not being compatible, and children. 

We see a lot of people working very hard for the wedding day, and a few months after the wedding you hear that the “marriage” has packed up. The problem is that many people do not get ready for marriage, they only get ready for the wedding day and so do not understand that marriage is not a bed of roses. 

In marriage, you will need to be diplomatic (the application of tact and wisdom in your dealings with human beings) to get things done. Most married people do not have patience when dealing with each other they do not know that they are in the business of diplomacy and compromise. 

As we stated earlier, 4 ways are being in a sexless marriage affects young couples, and in this article, we are going to look at ways to fix it:

Bad Economic Situation  

Countries all over the world are not having it easy economically, actually, people are struggling to eat, and afford the basic needs of humanity. This situation is leading or has led many people into depression. Couples are not exempted from this situation.

When people find themselves in this kind of condition, sex becomes the last thing they would want to think of, as the first human instinct is survival first to become anything else.

Fixing a bad economy to me is an individual mission. Plan yourself, set a financial goal, and push for it. If one is going through financial difficulty it becomes hard for him to think of sex or pleasure of some sort.

Fixing a bad financial situation involves getting a job, and making some savings from your pay. Effect a reduction on your unnecessary spending. Forget about how bad the news says the economy is, just make some savings and you will see the magic.

Nothing breeds a sexless marriage like Health Challenges  

Have you had that “health is wealth?”

One thing you should pray not to encounter is serious health challenges. This is because nobody talks about how sexless marriage is when there is a health challenge. At this point, people are more cornered about regaining their health again than being in a sexless marriage.

The truth is that there is no particular way to fix a health challenge than to make sure that you are under health insurance. Also, make sure that you are avoiding that which could lead you into any health crisis.

Lack of finances 

A lot of marriages have ended because of a lack of finances. Less than 1% of couples enjoy some level of intimacy in the absence of money.

Many people cannot stay without money for a reasonable amount of time. In most cases, the women will voice out their displeasure over the state of things in the family, and do not even try to bring up the issue of sex with their wife if you guys are going through your “economic rapture.”

However, if indeed you guys got married out of genuine love, the chances of not having a sexless marriage are there, just know that when you are in a financial crisis making babies should not be in the plans. Except you guys want to make babies.

Not being compatible

When couples are no longer compatible everything falls apart. They will fight and; in most cases seek divorce. We have seen couples who do not sleep in the same room. The longer a couple stays in different rooms the more incompatible they become. When couples begin to go in this direction they are already on their way into a sexless marriage.

To fix this situation, a couple should learn to resolve their problems as quickly as possible. Leaving a misunderstanding to linger for long will create room for not being compatible.


When you start having children your attention becomes fixed on their needs, and this may lead you to forget your needs. From toddlers to teens, you make the sacrifice for them.

Part of the sacrifice you will make is a lack of intimacy. This is because, your head will be filled with paying bills, avoiding debts, staying healthy for your kids, etc.

You will see a couple tell you that for 6 months to a year, they have not shared a moment of intimacy- and that is what we can label as a sexless marriage.

As a young couple make sure that in the early stages of marriage, you do not run quickly into this type of situation, because coming out of it, is slower than the pace of a snail.

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