4 Strong Arranged Marriage Facts You Should Know

Arranged marriage system is very popular among the elite of society, in different countries, cultures, and backgrounds you will find this type of marriage. This style was popular between the biblical times and the 20th century AD, this type of marriage was the bedrock of wealth, influence, and friendship to a lot of families.
However, in this 21st century arranged marriage has become old-fashioned as people want to know each other first before settling down. However, this is not to say that this type of marriage is not in existence- it is. It is believed that people in their 30s tend to have an arranged marriage as both parties just want to get married and raise their own families.

Anyway, in this blog post, we are going to look into the 4 facts about this type of marriage starting from what it means, if it is a good idea to be in it, how successful they are, and if it is legal to be in it.

What is an arranged marriage?

An arranged marriage is a type of marriage contracted by a third party to the couple involved. This third party could be the parents, a friend, or a matchmaker. The couple may not have known each other before the arrangement, and may necessarily not have loved each other. The people in this type of marriage have one thing in common; they just want to get married.
This type of marriage has 3 angles to it; traditionally arranged, semi-arranged or love arranged.

Traditionally arranged

According to some cultures, parents can set up an arranged marriage for their children if they feel a particular person is good enough for their son or daughter. One thing about this type of marriage is that the parents of the man can go to the extent of paying for the girl’s bride price.

Also, this type of marriage does not need the consent of the soon-to-be couple for all the necessary steps to be taken, however, after the arrangement has been made, the young people involved will be told about it and their consent gotten before the wedding can proceed their consent will always be positive. This is because if they consider all the effort which has been put in place to make it work saying no makes no sense.

Semi-arranged marriage

This type of marriage involves the consent of the two people involved first before putting in the effort to make it work. However, their input towards arranging the marriage may not be needed. Situations like this arise if the two people involved are distant from each other by location as a result of work or school, but they have the intention to get married to each other.

Love-arranged marriage

This type of marriage is the most popular because the people involved love each other. Also, they initiate the process of getting married and people around them follow suit by assisting in the arrangements.

Is arranged marriage good for you

Depending on the angle you are looking at it from. Just like everything on earth, it has its advantages and disadvantages. We are going to list reasons why it is a good idea and also list reasons why it is not a good idea. However, you have the sole decision on what is good for you.


  • An arranged marriage is more among the elite in society, so the two people involved may share a lot of things in common but not love.
  • They may be of the same cultural background. This throws away the possibility of cultural clash.
  • Since it is very obvious that these types of marriages are initiated to sustain a friendship, a feud between two married people can easily be resolved.
  • Finances will not be a problem as it is on record that such marriages are initiated first based on wealth.


  • This type of marriage looks like a forced marriage. This is because the consent of the two people involved was not sought before the marriage rites are started.
  • The couple does not know or love each other. This is a big problem as the couple is just satisfying the wishes of their parents and may not be loyal to each other.
  • Resolvable issues may not be easily resolved, and the marriage will be filled with regrets.
  • The children may not be groomed with love.

How successful are arranged marriages?

How successful these marriages can be have not yet to measured, however, since many things are binding them together makes it difficult for a divorce to be considered. One thing about this marriage is that the people involved set aside their egos to make their marriages work.

Another thing about these marriages is that the couple tells each other the truth every day that they do not love each other. However, they are fully aware of the responsibility that they have and so they focus their energy and time on those things that bind them together. Since their coming together was not done based on love, they transfer all their love to the children, and the love they have for their children binds them the more.

Is this type of marriage legal

An arranged marriage is very legal. This is because marriages are been conducted by a person or body recognized by the law with the responsibility to do that.
This type of marriage is like every other marriage just that it was a third party that arranged it. However, there is a difference between an arranged marriage and a forced marriage. In an arranged marriage the two people’s consent will be sought before the conclusion of their marriage rites. While in a forced marriage one person’s consent or that of the two people will not be sought from the beginning to the end of the marital rites.

In conclusion, it is advised to take your time to know whom you are going to settle down with even if the marriage is being arranged, in this way you will be saving yourself from unnecessary stress associated with marrying the wrong person.

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