4 Kinds of not so love like romantic relationship you should know

Love is a phrase that is mostly used in a romantic relationship. Also, we do say to our “I love you” to our young ones. Some of us are reluctant to say the term out.
Perhaps as we approach Valentine’s Day, we might consider the various types of love. Some may be great for you, while others may not be. The Greeks’ Western tradition differentiates four kinds of love and has a Greek term for each of them.

Philia- friendship and equality may lead to romantic relationship

It might be the affection of long-term partners who are no longer as hot and bothered as they once were. In Philadelphia, it’s also known as brotherly love. The city of brotherly love. Of course, it may be sibling love or the accepting love of a fantastic friend. This is the kind of love that is excellent for your health. A loved one’s loving touch. The philia touch is used to lower blood pressure. People in romantic relationships had fewer doctor visits, shorter hospital stays, less pain, and more positive moods. Many of these positive results of philia love and loving friendships strengthen us in the face of hardship in some cases Philia can lead to a romantic relationship.

Agape- universal love

The love is modeled on the Christian God’s love for men and man’s love for God. Whether or if love is reciprocated, it is the love that is offered. That is love without any self-interest. It is the primary foundation of loving compassion for all humanity in the Buddhist faith. This type of love is essential in the forgiving process. Forgiveness is vital for your health since the inability to forgive is linked to anger and a variety of negative health effects. Love sets a high standard, yet it may be the basis for happiness and joy.

Eros- passionate, erotic love

We should probably get it out of the way first. Eros denotes erotic, sexual, or passionate love. It’s frequently all about need, and it’s more about the person who is sexually appealing than it is about the person or object that is the subject of that love. It’s addictive. It can bring both joy and grief in a romantic relationship- which is not always beneficial. More hearts are crushed on Valentine’s Day as a result of unfulfilled sensual love.

Storge- paternal love for one’s children

This is the kind of love that moms enjoy, albeit it is rarely mentioned when we talk about love. It is the love of parents for their children. It is thought to be the purest kind of love and not a romantic relationship. It is natural since it does not corrode. It’s emotional because we can’t stop ourselves from feeling it, and it doesn’t care if the person deserves to be loved.

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