3 reasons why falling in love with your wife again is perfect

Honestly, the need to keep falling in love with your wife every day is something you must learn to do to sustain the spark in your marriage. Keep springing up surprises, not necessarily money, but anything that can make a happy home will be ok.

The courtship period is like the election season, you have to campaign to convince the wife to be of your intentions, sometimes, men overpromise during this period and under-deliver in marriage. The truth is that even in marriage, do not stop campaigning, those things you used to say to her that made her love you should not be stopped. Keep saying those sweet words in that way she will not stop falling in love with you.

Unfortunately, most marriages these days have roommates instead of soul mates in it. No spark, no (positive) surprises, no date, and nothing interesting, even the intimate sessions are so terrible. These marriages are just bills, bills upon bills. They are just busy fighting themselves, sleeping, waking up, taking care of the children, and paying bills. Do not get me wrong, in marriage; children are the most important aspect.

Why should I keep falling in love with my wife?

For peace; if you do not have a peaceful home you are in trouble. You can never, achieve anything in life as a married person. Most plans a man has conceived and perfected at the home front, and to get the plans well perfected you need a peaceful home.

When your wife knows that you are still in love with her, it becomes easier for her to keep being a happy wife. If she is a happy wife just tell her your plans and watch her push them for you without stopping. Remember no will on earth can stop a determined woman.

Make efforts to keep to your words

One of the reasons why there is one with a man and his wife is because the man makes serious efforts to keep to his promises.

A man who loves his wife will surely keep to some of the promises he made to his wife. You cannot keep to all of your promises, you are a human being.

However, when both of you make effort to keep to promises, you both will keep falling in love with one another.

Do not stop giving her money

Dan D’ Humorous- Nigerian comedian once said, “if you want to make a man happy just give him a peaceful home.” However, if you want to make a woman happy, “give her money, keep giving her money, continue to give her money, do not stop giving her money.”

Funny as the above make sound, that is the reality of most homes all over the world. However, we believe that it is totally expensive and wrong to peg the happiness of a home on money. It can lead to trouble. And money troubles do not end. Just make sure that you do not go broke for long because women and lack of money are not friendly.

Falling in love with your wife makes you very attractive to the outside world. When you continuously love your wife she will take care of you. If you fall out of love with her you will stop finding her attractive and nothing she will ever do will please you.

Also, loving your wife does not make you stupid, it does not stop you from being the man of the house. The truth is that; if you keep falling in love with your wife you will have the courage to stop any unpleasant character or attitude you notice springing up from your wife and children. Just be the man and be her resting place after the day’s activities.  

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