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2023 Rhodes Scholarship Amazing Facts You Should Know

Rhodes Scholarship 2023 is at the moment a well-sought-after scholarship for a lot of international students. This scholarship is a fully-funded scholarship that covers different levels of education ranging from Msc to Ph.D. degrees at the prestigious Oxford University. In this blog post, we are going to explain in detail what this scholarship is all about and how you can secure it. 

This scholarship was set to assist intelligent students from financially unstable home who intends to forge a career path for themselves through education. 

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Some of the things you stand to benefit from through the Rhodes Scholarship

  1. Two flight tickets will be booked for you; the first will be for your journey to England and the second will be for your journey home immediately after the scholarship ends.
  2. Your tuition fees and other dues will be taken care of.
  3. If you intend to push through with a Ph.D. study and you have good academic results and conduct, your chances of securing an added year to your scholarship will be bright.
  4. You will be given a yearly £15,000 for your upkeep

The administrators of this scholarship are serious about your conduct during your stay in England, this is to avoid your scholarship being terminated midway into your studies. Also, your academic performance does not just create a pathway for you alone, it also creates a pathway for people from your country or region, as the administrators will take people from your place very seriously.

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Your Qualifications

You have to make sure that you think of all your qualification boxes before applying. Below is a list of the qualification boxes you need to thick to qualify:

  1. You must be good in both oral and spoken English
  2. You must show evidence that you are a citizen of the country you claim, and that country must be accepted to be part of the Rhodes scholarship.
  3. You must have been up to 18 years of age before applying.  
  4. Your academic result determines your status. Your result should be up to 3.00. 

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How Scholars Are Chosen:

1. If can secure a scholarship to Oxford University and apply for the scholarship, your chances of getting it will be high.


2. Your cultural, ethnic, religious, financial, and racial backgrounds will not be put into consideration when deciding on who is qualified for the scholarship.

3. Your scholarship will not be given to another person either by you or by the authorities.

4. Rhodes scholarship authorities have the final say regarding the scholarship being awarded.

Also, applicants are “encouraged” to inform the Rhodes authorities of any health challenges for them to make all necessary medical provisions for their health. Bear in mind that your health disclosure will remain confidential. 

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