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2023 Important Facts About Unigo Scholarship You Should Know

Unigo scholarship is a scholarship scheme that is dedicated to very young students (from 9th grade up). This means that youngsters from the age of 13 are eligible for this scholarship. Currently, there are over one (1) million students benefitting from these scholarships. 

The managers of this scholarship have their eyes set on the future. They also believe that the best time to prepare for the future is now so that is why they are investing in the young ones through scholarships.   

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Critical Information About The Unigo Scholarship 

This scholarship gives high priority to the student’s creativity, uniqueness, and intelligence. Though this scholarship targets students between the ages of 13 and 18, the best time this scholarship becomes relevant to the winners is when they are done with secondary school and are looking forward to securing admission into any tertiary institution of their choice in the United States, or maybe there are in one already. 

Also, the clause binding this scholarship stipulates that it will only be activated when the student has been able to secure admission into a tertiary institution of learning and he or she can show strong evidence to that effect on or before the last day of December.  

In addition to the above, there are thousands of applicants so you must be strategic and wise in your answers to the questions you may see. Some of the questions that may come your way during registration are: 

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  • If you are to give life to an outstanding personality who is dead, who could that be, and why? 
  • What mobile app do you love the most, and why? 

The above questions should be answered in not more than 250 words and must be submitted on before the 31st of December. Do not waste your application quarter, you will not get a second chance.

Courses Your Can Study Using This Scholarship


Due to the futuristic disposition of the Unigo scholarship, it gives room for the winners to win it and and keep it until they are ready for higher education. So you can study any course of your choice.

Energy, Geography, History, Law, Sport, and Fitness, Transportation, Anthropology, Agriculture, etc.

There are many courses you can study with this scholarship, and the courses listed above are a few among the many available.

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The qualifications criteria are not strict, however, below are just what you need to possess before applying for this scholarship:

  1. You must be legally residing in the United States.
  2. You must be a student in the US.
  3. You must be up to 13 years of age before you can apply with the aid of your parent or guardian.

How To Apply

The Unigo scholarship is a $10,000 fully-funded scholarship and it cannot be renewed. 31st of December every year is the submission deadline.  

You can visit Unigo Scholarship for more information.

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