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2022 Solid Information About The Rhodes Scholarship Australia You Must Know

Rhodes Scholarship Australia is a highly recognized scholarship globally. This scholarship is well known for the opportunities students and lovers of education get through it- most especially to study at ivy league universities of the world. 

This scholarship, as we earlier stated, is focused on young people, to lift them academically, and help them achieve their aim and goals in life. This scholarship is dominant in the United States as well as Australia, however, for this blog post, we will focus on Australia.

This scholarship just like the others has its mode of operation. First of all, there are various Rhodes scholarships available in Australia- it is believed that this scholarship is in 9 variations. And in each of them, one person is selected from the sub-regional area.

Get to know more about the Rhodes Scholarship Australia


The Rhodes scholarship Australia is a fully-funded scholarship that enables students to study anything they want at Oxford University (in the UK) for a two (2) year period with an option for an extension based on their course of study and academic performance. However, below are some of the places the funds will be expended on: 

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  1. This scholarship will take care of one flight ticket at the beginning of the scholarship and the end of it.
  2. This scholarship makes provision for a monthly allowance for the duration of the scholarship.
  3. This scholarship will give you the exposure that you need to meet people that are successful in your field of study and beyond.
  4. This scholarship will help you enhance your public speaking ability. This is because you will be making presentations either before your fellow students or to the outside world where you will be talking about how to solve problems affecting the world.
  5. This scholarship already has in place health insurance for you.
  6. This scholarship takes care of all your academic fees.

How to qualify for this scholarship

To qualify for this scholarship, you have to show through your academic results how well you are intellectual. However, below are some of the qualifications you need to meet to determine your eligibility:

  1. You should not be less than 19 or more than 26 years of age. 
  2. You must be an Australian citizen
  3. You must have had your secondary school in Australia.
  4. If you have applied more than once for this scholarship without being successful, then you are not qualified for it.

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By now you should understand that the Rhodes Scholarship Australia is premised on the intellectual ability of the student, and his leadership ability which should be hinged on his or her ability to have man management skills, time management, and the willingness to be futuristic in mind. However, below are the other things you should know about this scholarship: 

  1. You should have the ability to be committed to a course
  2. Your academic accomplishments will stand you out
  3. You should be lacking in good character
  4. You should be ready to explore your talent

The application starts on July 1 2022 and closes on September 9, 2022. Also, you can visit Rhodes Scholarship Australia to apply and for more information.

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