Hard Life truths

The two most important days in your life are; the day you were born, and the day you found out why- Mark Twain

Whenever, you find out meanings behind these two days, then you have found purpose in your life. A lot of people have not sat down to ask themselves the reasons behind these two days.

Honestly if you ever get to know why, you will be very ruthless in your dealings, you will have strategies on how to execute the tasks placed before you.

Whatever you decide to do in life, make sure it makes you happy

Your happiness is more important than any other thing in this life. However, you should not be selfish in life.

Choosing to be happy is a great way to overcome the challenges that will surely come your way. All you have to do is to brace up, make your choice and follow it. Just know true happiness does not come easily.

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Before you pray, believe; before you speak, listen; before you write, think; before you quit, try; before you die, live

There comes a time you will have to take a leap of faith in all you do. Also being intimate with your instinct is very important if you want to over challenges that will come you way. However, make sure that your tomorrow will be better than today.

Stay strong, be happy, make them wonder how you are still smiling

Challenges will come, but you must overcome them, and the easiest way to overcome these challenges is to always wear a smile on that lovely face of yours.

Remember, nobody cares about you. If there is anybody that will show up to help you out of your situation, that person is YOU.

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Appreciate those who love you. Help those who need you. Forgive those who hurt you. Forget those who love you.


People are human, and if you keep believing everything you hear you will hurt yourself. Those that care for you are just very few, and you should always be grateful for having them in your life.

That sad moment when a bestfriend becomes a stranger

There is a saying that goes this way “tell a friend your secret and he will fight you dirty on the streets.”

Remember no stays your friend forever, there comes a time a lot of the people you have now in your life will leave you, but it is up to you to move on from them and find a new way of life by building yourself. Remember do not loose yourself in this uncertain world.

Good things are worth waiting for

I can not stress this enough. Do not allow the pressure of this world to get to you. Things may not be good for you now and it is okay to feel the pressure, but do not allow yourself to be pressured into doing things that ordinarily you would not have done.

Let the tide flow, you are in a process do not stop it, however, wait for your turn. Remember it does not rain on a single roof.

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Love is about holding on, even when you feel like letting go

Love is the most beautiful thing on earth, believe it or not, we all crave to love and be loved. Some are lucky while some aren’t.

When you love someone you may be tempted to loose yourself in the process, but do not. Love as much as you can, letting go when you are inlove is a skill you must learn for your own sanity. Remember, it takes two to tango.

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